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Monday, September 14, 2009

New Arrival (140909-01)

ItemCode: 140909-01
Polka-Dot Top (Red) **
RM35.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-02
Polka-Dot Top (Black) **

ItemCode: 140909-03
Casual Cotton Dress (Green, including belt)
RM42.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-04
Casual Cotton Dress (Black, including belt)
RM42.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-05
Satin Dress (Blue)

ItemCode: 140909-06
Flutter Long Blouse (Dark Brown) **

ItemCode: 140909-07
Flutter Long Blouse (Blue) **
RM38.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-08
Chiffon Floral Top (Black)
RM38.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-09
Pink Flower Dress
RM42.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-010
Studded Flutter Top in Beige
RM38.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-011
Printed Top **

ItemCode: 140909-012
Dress (Dark brown)
RM45.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-013
One Piece Cotton Dress

ItemCode: 140909-014
Tiered Layer Dress (Pink)
RM45.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-015
Tiered Layer Dress (Olive)

ItemCode: 140909-016
Sheer Chiffon Blouse (Pink)
RM35.00 (Sold Out)
ItemCode: 140909-017
Sheer Chiffon Blouse(Without Black Tube) (Green)
RM35.00 (Sold Out)

ItemCode: 140909-018
Jap Style Checkered Shirt (Blue)

** Accessories not included, unless stated otherwise **